Its not a coincidence that 2015 has been declared International Year of Evaluation. This tool has acquired, global, a considerate level of importance. International aid mechanisms
NGOs understand the value of this tool to make their actions transparent. During uncertain times and fast changes, the private capital and initiative is using different trends and models of monitoring and evaluation to assure sustentability for their businesses. Still, the very citizens’ political participation has been facilitated and encouraged by the practice of monitoring, evaluating and disseminating the results of government actions.
This is therefore the propitious year to launch the Brazilian Training Program for Development Evaluation . The name IPDET Intensive Core Course for Latin America and the Caribbean to mark its origin and affiliation with the creators of IPDET of notorious reputation, which has the international quality standard of Carleton University (Canada) and World Bank . Similarly to other internationalizations of the Canadian course, IPDET Intensive Core Course for Latin America and the Caribbean will be a mini-IPDET composed of a nuclear course and workshops and mentoring activities.
Registration open until February 15th
The course will happen in Rio de Janeiro, from the 7th till 11th of march/2016.

Information and registration: