Comisión Económica para Latino América y el Caribe (ECLAC)


The Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) Programme Planning and Operations Division (PPOD) is seeking five independent consultants to work in the final assessment of following five projects of its Development Account portfolio.

“Strengthening National Capacities to Design and Implement Sustainable Energy Policies for the Production and Use of Biofuels in LA and the Caribbean”
“Understanding potential economic impacts of climate change in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC)”
“Strengthening national capacities of export sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean to meet the challenges of climate change”
“Improving management of resource allocation for environment in Latin America and the Caribbean ECLAC”
“Strengthening Government and Civil Society Capacity to Incorporate Economic and Social Rights into Macroeconomic Policy”

Please find attached the consultant announcement and the term of reference (TORs) for the assessments. 

Consultant announcement (*TiKs6pIaNulc-gskkzHgzYdLaZGJhZ1AjB...)


TOR_ASSESSMENT-DA-PROJECT-0809AE.pdf (*TiKs6pLdwV06UtKlndmEX*LlP77KImJdJ3...)

TOR_ASSESSMENT-DA-PROJECT-2234ROA1457.pdf (*TiKs6pKD6SaOeMq6vokpCyAlrGqm1*5jLt...)


TOR_ASSESSMENT-DA-PROJECT-2290ROA1967B.pdf (*TiKs6pLYVMOeo1s5gF99xnuS0dPtX4fm*d...)

Interested candidates should submit their Personal History Form (PHP) to Irene Barquero ( (, Raul Guerrero ( and Maria Victoria Labra ( ( no later than Wednesday, December 10th 2014 specifying the project they are interested in evaluating.